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The new TrackingSoft.

For Advertisers. For Agencies. For Affiliates.

Provides tracking tools, reporting functions, web analytics, creative management, and the ability to add and manage advertisers, publishers, programs, campaigns and creatives.


TrackingSoft offers agencies a robust package of tracking tools, reporting functions, web analytic features, comprehensive web creative management, and more. Provide your clients and traffic sources with access to real-time data for their programs. Manage multiple ad programs each with multiple campaigns.

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TrackingSoft began as a company specializing in software solutions for affiliate program management, and ROIA is the culmination of our over eight years of experience in the field. Discover how our expertise can provide you with a complete tool for managing all aspects of your partnership program, from affiliate registration and management to rewards payment, and everything in between.

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Discover the benefits of teaming with TrackingSoft to improve your return on investment by implementing our unique Visit and Page View Tracking system. Manage media buys, track performance of individual creatives, quantify the quality of the traffic you purchase, and more. Reward top-performing publishers with additional campaigns beyond your standard PPC buys.

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